“Create the world where the words are necessary”

Actors who study with Kimberly learn how to develop their own unique and personal process while approaching work. Whether experienced or a novice actor, all students in class are encouraged to do the same work to keep their instrument alive and ready. The basic outline of class, with variance depending on the needs of the individuals, is:

  • Warm up/ Relaxation Exercise (involving sensory work with imagination)
  • Scene/Monologue Work using lift off the page technique and improv

Instead of forcing memorization, Kimberly believes in taking time to fully “create the world of your character in your imagination where the words become necessary”. She accomplishes this by giving actors sensory work, and encouraging relaxation and use of the imagination to immerse themselves in the characters’ circumstances. Doing this allows the words to connect between the character and the actor, and speaking them simply becomes needed.

Adult Professional Acting Class

Technique & Scene Study: Every Tuesday & Thursday 6:15pm – 10:15pm
Sensory, Voice, Improvisation, Scene Study, Monologues & Auditions.

$325 per month (for 8 classes) or $60/class                                                                       212 W 29th Street and 7th Avenue St at the 3rd Floor Theatre

Young Actors Acting Class (Ages 10-18)

Young Actors Class: Every Tuesday & Thursday 4:00pm – 6:00pm                  Improvisation, Theatre Games, Scene Study, Monologues, Auditions and General Make Believe. A playful approach to mastering a solid acting technique!

$325 per month (for 8 classes) or $60/class                                                                         212 W 29th Street and 7th Avenue St at the 3rd Floor Theatre

To learn more about the classes, scholarships, and personal coaching offered by Kimberly Ryan please email or call 212.580.5552.