Student, Alan Fox, selected for TIC Plus 1 Solo Show Festival

Alan-FoxTongue in Cheek has selected 8 solo show artists to take part in its tenth Plus 1 Solo Show Festival, running October 20 & 21, and 27 & 28. One of the shows selected is Kimberly’s student, Alan Fox, whose piece, Dear Mr. President (from his solo show that Kimberly is directing: “Expectation: Tales From The Majority Minority”), will be featured in Series B in the festival, running October 27 & 28.¬† Here’s what Alan says when TICBLOG writer Jake Lipman asks: Who has helped you along the way with creating this piece?

“I want to send a thousand thanks to my director and acting teacher Kimberly Ryan. To be around her for an hour is to be exposed to the countless gifts she possesses. I could spend pages going on about her coaching/teaching abilities but what I’d like to thank her for the most in this process is her tireless support and her unique way of trusting whole heartedly in where a performer is headed before they themselves can even see it. Also I want to thank Marc Glick (he deserves a novel) but I will keep it short at: It is my hope that everyone can name the first person that made them really believe in themselves. Marc is that person for me.”

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Kimberly Ryan on Everything Acting

Thoroughly thrilled to announce Kimberly Ryan’s debut interview on Darbi Worley’s educational and entertaining podcast Everything Acting!

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